Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Visit, Part 3 -- hanging out

Logan does not sit well for "posed" pictures. At least in this family picture, we all look happy, if not focused! For those of you who have never tried to pose a family picture with an 11 month old baby (or for those who have forgotten) cruise over to my Flickr gallery to see the progression from bad to worse!
To his credit, Bonnie, Dad, Logan and I had spent the day at the zoo and then lunch at Red Robin. He hadn't had a nap and he was still the mostly happy baby that I know.
Here his fatigue is evident. I didn't realize it, but I got sunburned! I still can't get used to the weather here. Just 4 days after Christmas, the high was in the high 70's and sunny! We had a really good time, though. It was breezy and warm. The morning started off cool (high 50's). Logan had his first taste of hot dog--he approves!

If you can catch him unawares, he is much happier. Here, we were hanging out in the kitchen eating pizza (which he loves, by the way). Please notice how he sits with his foot up on the platform of his high chair. I swear that child is a teenager in training!
We spent alot of time in the kitchen playing cards. We played alot of Phase 10, where Dad was pleased to be able to anhiliate me frequently. On the last night of their stay, we determined that it was the chair because I stole his seat and wiped the table with him!!!

Here we tried again to take a good picture of him with Mark. This is as good as it got!

If we don't stop aiming that blasted camera at him, he's going to take his lion and leave!!!
Bonnie and Dad have gone and they are missed. We are looking forward to their return in July! Logan will be 18 months and I will be, um...well--older (40).

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