Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the whirlwind trip to OKC

Logan and I drove up to Oklahoma City to visit my mom last weekend. Since it was a quick turn around, we packed every possible minute with activity. Samantha and Alex came over for breakfast on Saturday. Alex, of course brought Vivian. It was really cool to see the interaction between Vivian and Logan. What one wanted, so did the other, so Mom ended up with both on her lap. Logan was uncharacteristically snuggly. Please note that both babies were holding their blankets. Mom must have been roasting!

Mom bought the grandkids presents. Logan got a musical cookie jar/shape sorter. Would you like to hear one of the cookie hape songs? Funny, I can hear them even when the toy is put away--thanks Mom! The real hit of the party was the SitNSpin that Mom got for Vivian. In addition to the two little ones, all of the big kids tried it, too. I think that they used to make SitNSpins larger!

Mom and I usually end up shopping when we get together, both fun and mundane. It's funny how that way. Logan likes shopping. He gets to look at new things and complete strangers come up to tell him how cute he is! He always seems to have something to say these days! The trip to WalMart was the last stop on a very long day of visiting and shopping, so I am very fortunate to have a mostly happy boy! We went up to see my friend Heather and her new baby who was born in December. I don't remember Logan being so squishy. She was very sweet and smiled alot. Logan busied himself by rearranging her Easter decorations. I hope we get invited back! We then rushed down to pick up some things that I had left at the company house. The to Kohl's, where they were having a great sale--I scored a really cute sweater for $6!! Finally, WalMart for household cleaning stuff. All this after brunch with the Sibs. Logan was asleep 15 minutes after we got home--only awake long enough to eat dinner.
Sunday morning, before we hit the road, we went to Outdoor World so Shauna could pick up a chair and mom could work on her camping supply list for their trip to the Grand Canyon. I went along for the ride just because I like to shop, even if I am not planning to purchase anything. Logan and Vivian also enjoyed their trip to the store. It was blustery and chilly, so I could not resist a really cute red sweater that was half-priced. The good news is that it is a classic style that will still be in style next year during the 2 weeks that pass for winter in San Antonio!

Unfortunately, we had to hit the road immediately following the trip to Outdoor World. At least the trip that took 9 1/2 hours up only took 8 hours back. Note to self--avoid Dallas at rush hour at ALL COSTS! We will return for sure, but I think that we will have to plan it when we can spend just a little bit more time.