Monday, March 16, 2009

he walks (well, he runs, actually)

Logan began walking a couple of weeks ago. As you can imagine, almost all of the pictures that I have tried to take are blurry. Let's be honest..most of the pictures that we tried to take of him before he started walking were blurry! He now zips around the house, collecting treasure and hiding it everywhere. Trouble is, he won't answer me when I ask him where he has put things (like the remote). He doesn't respond to water torture, as he rather enjoys the water and will do anything to prolong his aqueous adventures.

One of his favorite activities is taking his toys for walks/runs around the house. We have to now watch our step when we walk into a room where he ahs been, as he tends to set up booby traps. You should hear him giggle when one of us windmills our arms to avoid falling. OK, I'm not sure where he gets that!

He has also gotten very good at crawling under things to retreive objects that have fallen. Now he has exponentially increased the number of places where he can hide his booty!

In response, I have begun excercising to increase my fitness level and stamina. I run, usually, up to 3 miles. I have been considering a triethlon. I now have these funny shoes, we'll see if they help. I got them at Ross for a very good price--they are supposed to be specially-made for running.

I also got a one-piece bathing suit (which I will not demonstrate just yet) and some funny goggles. Since I wear contacts, I haven't done any serious swimming in years. Yesterday, I swam 150 meters and ran 2 miles. I can tell you right now--if I do sign up for a triethlon, I have a LONG way to go! By the way, I wonder if it is advisable to actually own a bicycle before signing up??

Anyway, if these don't work, I can always put them on to scare intruders!!! If they happen to fall down laughing, at least they will be within reach so that I can kick them!