Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Visit, Part 2 -- Sea World

The day after Christmas, we all went to Sea World to see the Miracle of Christmas protrayed by Shamu. There were alot of people there, but not so many that we weren't able to sit at all the shows. We got there early enough to be able to see them all. The weather was perfect! I got Dad on what he saya is the last roller coaster ride of his life. Thankfully, we didn't wait in line at all. We walked up and got directly on the ride. Otherwise, he may have changed his mind before he got on!

Logan's favorite is the aquarium. He really loves
to watch the fish. Mark's favorite was the beluga/white sided dolphin show because there is so much to see.

My favorite is petting and feeding the dolphins. They are always fun to see. Logan used to like the dolphins, too, but this time some were feeling frisky and they splashed us. Now he thinks that dolphins suck!

Because we were on the move from early in the
day, Logan didn't get his usual naps in. By 4:00
or so, he was worn out! Of course, being King of the Power Nap, he was up and refreshed after about 10 minutes.

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