Monday, February 9, 2009

and a birthday...

For Logan's first birthday, we took him and got some professional portraits done. When he is at home giggling and playing I am apparently not allowed to bring out the camers. Logan turns into the "Very Serious Boy." Somehow, the photographer managed several poses with smiles. As you can probably guess, I ended up ordering several poses with smiles! This is one of my favorites, since this is what he does to all stuffed animals within reach. See how cuddly he is?? (now is your opportunity to coo...)

Later that day, we let him eat cake! It started rather delicately. He dipped a finger here and swirled some frosting there. But once he discovered that the fugurines could be removed from the cake--the game was on! He used his figurines as tools to scoop up more and more frosting! The glob at the right side of the picture is actually a Fisher Price Little People Farmer! Pretty amazing, huh?!

Remember that sweet, cuddly, precious child who loves stuffed
animals? His evil twin appears when the cake is taken away!! In fact, this is the twin that appears when the Little Prince is told that he can't have exactly what he wants at exactly the instant that he wants it. We're working on that. Fortunately, Rosemary doesn't drop her baby off very often!

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